You are invited for a visual healing experience through the mysterious love story of two seemingly separate individuals, which rapidly become tangled on their path to spiritual healing in New York.


We’re excited to make the film available to everyone around the world.
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The movie features authentic healers and enchanting healing music which deeply immerses the spectator in this inclusive, virtual healing experience.

Soul Redemption

The Spiritual Love Story

Soul Redemption is a dramatic, multi-layered emotional love story that takes the audience on a healing journey as they watch.

The story follows Chiara, a therapist stuck in a rut while trying to finish her second book and seeking true healing.

Declan discovers Chiara as he channels her story for his own movie script, realizing that who he thought was his own character – turns out to be a real and alive person.

Soul Redemption follows the intricate journey of confusion, pain, bliss and deep healing that the two lovers follow, as they move closer towards reunion with each other.

Watch Director Richard Burns on the making of Soul Redemption

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Original Sound Vibrations Scored by

  • Opening Abel Scheder – Mariakaninok, Hungary
  • Chapter 1 Willam Dobson – USA
  • Chapter 2 KC Caballero – India
  • Chapter 3 Eden Sofarnos – Philippines
  • Chapter 4 Santiago Vrljicak – Argentina
  • Chapter 5 Liam McCollum – UK
  • Chapter 6 Eden Sofarnos – Australia
  • Chapter 7 KC Caballero – Philippines
  • Chapter 8 Jhadten Jewall – Canada
  • Chapter 9 William Dobson – USA


Valerie Tignini, Joshua Murphy, Candace McAdams, Cassandra Seale, Paola Moore-Pagano, Alan Steinfeld, Josephy Cassese, Maria Victoria Ric, Olivia Larue Mallano, Evgeniya orudzheva, Rafael Benedicto, Aasheekaa, AC Harford, Stephanie Ellen Almedia, Charlie Halsey, Andrew Walters, Frank Craven, Sonny Parmar, Isabella Forti, Gina Ginsberg, Dakota Wollmer, Fabian Onetti, Franko Stevens, Chris San Pedro, Ilan Ben-Yehudi, Kelly Buxton, Julio Barriere, Rory Quinn, Cricket Burns

Production Team

Produced by: Richard Burns, Valerie Tignini, Chris Collins 
Shot and Edited by Richard Burns 
Audio: Mike Anzel, Elliot Cluff, Tai Collins, Jalan thompson 
Makeup: Gabriellia Garcia, Angelina Perez, Carmilla Cunny, Jan Pedis, Jodie Tallman 
ADR: Spin Recordings, Skylight Recordings 
Sound Design & Mixing: Darcy Taranto!, Jude Bassile 
Special Effects: Vikas Sherma, Richard Burns 
Set Designer: Terry Halsey 
Original Artwork and Photos: Ewa Szewczyk, Richard Burns

In The Flow Entertainment, LLC