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Soul Redemption is a dramatic, multi-dimensional love story that brings the spectator on a healing journey as they watch.

The story follows the journey of Chiara, a therapist in a rut as she tries to write her second book, and who is seeking deep healing. Declan discovers Chiara as he channels her story for his own movie script, realizing that who he thought was his own character – turns out to be a real and alive person.

Soul Redemption follows the intricate journey of confusion, pain, bliss and deep healing that the two lovers follow, as they move closer towards reunion with each other. The movie features authentic healers and enchanting healing music which deeply immerses the spectator in this inclusive, virtual healing experience.


Richard J. Burns | Writer | Director

In 1980, Richard film transitioned computer graphics to film production. His first documentary “A Roof Over My Head” was selected the Atlanta and Palm Beach film festivals.

He was a producer on “XX/XY” featuring Mark Ruffalo, which was selected for the Sundance Film Festival, Hamptons Film Festival, and is distributed by IFC Film. 

For Spike, Lee, he designed the 360 degree blue screen stage and produce the effects for Spike’s awarding winning film “The Huey P. Newton Story”. Richard has directed, produce and distributed hundreds of web series for Culture Catch, a web series he created in 2005.

Valerie Tignini | Cast

Valerie is an actress and light worker. In TV, she is know for her role on Bama Belles, a reality TV show. Since has been focusing on being a light worker. She has been experiencing her work evolving into higher levels of consciousness as she finds herself working with divine multidimensional beings.

Her capacity of understanding and mental downloads of universal truths is through her transcendence as she has experienced profound clarity through her energetic activation and tapping into source through visions and sound.

In 2016, Valeria had a what is called the “Sacred Tremor of the Heart”, also known as “Spanda”, spontaneously which is another form of awakening rarely experience by high beings, and something that is becoming less rare spontaneously initiated into Heiros Gamos by an angelic realm.

Joshua Murphy | Actor

Joshua Murphy is artist looking for universal truth. As an actor, whether it is a cop, a dad, an ad exec, or a coach, his power resides in his heart and his eyes. 

He portrays those who fight the good fight and have your back to the end. He received his Meisner training at Playhouse West Brooklyn Lab and his on camera training at Kimball Studio. Joshua currently resides in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn NY.

Candace Mcadams | Cast

Candace Mcadams was born in Los Angeles, California to father James Mcadams, a TV and film producer for Universal and mother Barbara Graham, an actress and model. She begin a successful career as a model at the age of 9.

A few years later she joined the theater and went on to play many notable and important roles. While in still in high school she was approached by a director and was cast a hippie in an independent feature, TUFA and her passion for film was born. On the advice from her father, she went on to study drama at NYU Tisch school of the Arts, and The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

Candace is also a devoted humanitarian, believing that the best way to understand the work she did as an actor was to begin to study the human experience. She went on to live and work in over 52 countries around the world. Most notably India and Argentina, where she feels a special connection to the culture and the people.

Cassandra Seale | Cast

Cassandra Seale is an actress, known for Moving on (2014), A Day in the Life of Who (2017) and The Story of Charles Riverbank (2008). She was born in Baltimore.

I was a kid in Maryland cornfields then tumbled around in East Tennessee before flying north to Boston for college. After that I landed in New York, where I knew I’d end up sooner or later. My roots are Korean, and American country folk. This made for a fun blend of influences growing up, and I now consider myself part gentle Madame Butterfly and part mountaineer with a dash of railroad hobo somewhere in the blood. I was a hammy little kid highly engaged in theater and theatrics.

There came to pass a marked phase of awkward teenliness (see above), which gave way to a long-ass journey of twists and turns and ups and downs that finds me here and now, relatively settled in “Weird” Quar New York — still a place where the best characters live. I’ve seen so many shades of life throughout my journey and lived many of them.. I got a lotta ‘source material’ 🙂

Behind the Scenes

Frequent Questions


In 2010, I had stage 4 throat cancer. I did an energy healing over the course of 3 days. The healing help get rid of all of my tumors. From that point on, I went into working on films about healing energy, meeting healings, and going to events. 

I met Valerie Tignini who is a SAG actress. She wanted to do a documentary about healing. I wanted to do a fictional drama. Documentaries require proving healing. This is more of a belief that scientific. Val and I worked for 4 years creating an organic story. 

Organic in that we would come up with a story for a scene, I would write it and then shoot and edit the scene. We then would screen the scene with an audience. Get feed back and discover the next path for the story. It was a wonderful experience. A great way to create organic story telling.


Soul Redemption organically grew into a “feel heal” film. Feel Heal Films is an innovative movie genre created by In The Flow Entertainment – where visual entertainment and energy healing coexist, which is made possible by the genuine healers that are part of the cast. The result is a collective and visual healing experience, which can be felt by all who watch. 

The intent was to create entertaining story that engages the audience from a dramatic perspective while also delivering healing energy and information about how healing energy works in the body. Thus, it’s not a documentary but a fiction that has some elements of education those who don’t understand energy healing. 

From beginning to end, the film is transmitting energy. Val Tignini and Rafael Benedicto Rivas energy is complimented by the score. Each of the composers from around the world used healing frequencies in their music.


Central Park is not only the location but because a “character” in the film. Shooting a low budget feature deals with astronomically location fees when the production is based in New York City. 

In doing research for the film, we discovered that many believe that Central Park is on top of energy vortex. Many healing arts practitioners do use the energy in Central Park for personal and professional needs. 

The combination of the Park’s energy with easy access to shooting make the location idea. We began writing all the scene in different locations in the Park. In fact, Soul Redemption offers hidden gems in the Park not often discovered by the casual visitor.


During the organic production process of Soul Redemption, we hosted healing/screening events to get audience feed back on the direction of the story. At these events, we showed about 10 mins of scenes that had been shot and edited. 

At one such screening, an audience member had mention that the energy in the film has cleared a root chakra issue he had been having for several years. This was a new discovery for creator Richard Burns. Co-creator and light worker, Val Tignini, explained that the energy she was emitting capture on film while acting in scenes can be transmitted to the audience. 

I think our audience will ask, “did you feel it” after watching Soul Redemption. Our intent is to give the audience energy that heals and an understanding of how energy healing works.


We intend to spend the next 3 to 6 months building awareness through screenings, live events and social media. We have build our own video server with zoom capabilities to assist in hosting virtual screenings with live Q/A sessions. 

Long term, we want to reach out the healing arts communities and others in the environment to raise the level of authenticity of the work.


Alan Steinfeld who plays the role of Jonny has a very popular web series, New Realties, on YouTube. He has over 75,000 subscribers and interviews with that major people in the “new realties” world. His new book on UFO’s is currently on the best seller list on Amazon.

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